History of the BAPM

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Founders Lecturers/Lectures

1990 Professor Charles Whitfield
Fetal medicine as a sub-specialty
1983 Professor Sir Alexander Turnbull Trends in obstetrics: past, present and future
1984 Professor Kenneth Cross Hypoxia in the newborn
1985 Professor Ross Mitchell Present care and future fettle
1986 Professor Geoffrey Dawes The central control of perinatal behaviour
1987 Professor Sir Malcolm MacNaughton Perinatal audit
1988 Professor Leonard Strang Lung liquid and pulmonary adaption after birth
1989 Professor Peter Dunn Perinatal pride and prejudice
1990 Professor Sir Peter Tizard
Neonatal paediatrics in the past thirty years
1991 Overseas Founder's Lecture
Professor Robert Usher
Perinatal progress and its limitations
1992 Professor Osmund Reynolds Getting at cerebral ischaemia
1993 Professor Jonathan Wigglesworth Pathology: the dark reflection of perinatal care
1994 Professor Charles Rodeck Towards less invasive prenatal diagnosis
1995 Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain
A century of antenatal care
1996 Overseas Founder's Lecture
Professor Jeffrey Robinson
Intrauterine growth
1996 Professor Forrester Cockburn The minds of our children
1997 Professor Sir David Hull The ontogeny of thermal control
1998 Professor Stuart Campbell The prediction and prevention of pre-eclampsia and IUGR
1999 Professor Michael A Patton Genetics: Past, Present and Future
2000 Professor Peter Pharoah Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Births and Prematurity
2001 Dr Elizabeth Bryan The fascination of twins
2002 Dr Ann Johnson Neonatal Outcome, what outcome, whose outcome?
2003 Overseas Founders Lecture Professor David Henderson-Smart Collaborative networks to link perinatal research and practice
2004 Professor David Edwards Neuroprotection following birth asphyxia: the story so far
2005 Professor Henry Halliday
RDS in a lifetime
2010 Professor Phil Steer Is pyrexia in labour caused by epidurals harmful to the baby, and can it be prevented? (photo)