BAPM Working Groups 2015


BAPM working group to develop a framework for neonatal and fetal MR brain imaging

Start: May 2013
Chair: Dr Topun Austin

Summary: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is becoming more widely available to neonatal and fetal populations but there are no formal guidelines which address the range of clinical problems and the indications for MRI.  There are informal recommendations for the role of MRI in assessing the brain in term born neonates with HIE (TOBY register) and in preterm infants with abnormal cranial ultrasound. The RCOG recommends fetal brain MRI of the survivor following death of a co twin.  A further problem results from limited local experience in both image acquisition and interpretation, resulting in an uneven quality of service across the UK.   This group has been convened to consider and develop standards for neonatal and fetal MR brain imaging.  It is hoped that the group can draw from the experience of the OASIS imaging network which has already obtained baseline data from 17 imaging centres across the UK.  The group will specifically report in the following areas:

  • Identify current practice in UK based imaging centres
  • Promote optimisation and standardisation of image sequence acquisition
  • Pvide recommendations on clinical indications for fetal and neonatal brain MRI
  • Produce recommendations on ideal timing and imaging practice including expert reporting for MRI
  • Support reporting expertise through regular quality audit


BAPM working group to define a framework for best practice for the use of donor breast milk in the newborn

July 2014
Chair: Dr Nicholas Embleton

Summary: The purpose of this working group is to produce a framework for best practice in the use of Donor Expressed Breast Milk (DEBM) in the newborn. This is needed in the context of (1) increased awareness of and demand for DEBM, particularly in the care of preterm infants, as gut pathology and infection are becoming increasingly important as potentially preventable morbidities, (2) UKAMB and national guidelines for Milk Banking, (3) an increase in research in the area of feeding and nutrition and the formation of the Neonatal Nutrition Network and (4) the NICE guidance on DEBM:

The remit of the group will be primarily to focus on the practicalities of the use of DEBM. (The term ‘use’ includes current users, who should be users and what is the access to DEBM for those who want to use it). Milk Banking already has national guidelines in place, and the group will only look at this in relation to the location of Milk Banks and whether this has implications for the supply of DEBM or its use

BAPM Working Group to define a framework for relationships between BAPM and commercial organisations

Start: October 2014
Chair: Dr Martin Ward-Platt

Summary: The aims of the framework will be to:
1. Make BAPM credible as a Charitable Organisation
2. Maintain and grow our credibility with perinatal health professionals and families
3. Increase our standing with policy makers
4. Facilitate our ability to work closely with other professional and voluntary bodies
5. Safeguard our ability to relate to all ethnic and social groups amongst our membership and amongst families of babies cared for by our members
6. Maintain the intellectual independence of the organisation

The Working Group will consider all relationships of BAPM with commercial organisations, including:


  • Meetings with commercial organisations on BAPM business
  • Interaction with representatives of commercial organisations to share expertise and thus help in the development of new treatments
  • Presence of reps at BAPM scientific meetings


  • Stands at meetings
  • Inclusion of commercial logo in written materials


  • Sponsorship of BAPM activities, whether or not restricted to specific activities (including specific projects, meeting and venue expenses, etc)
  • Travel expenses for meetings
  • Hospitality

Special consideration will be made to relationships with companies making milk products.

The Working Group will take into account Industry codes of practice, including the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice


BAPM working group to consider Parenteral Nutrition (PN) in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) in the UK

Start: January 2015
Chair: Dr Helen Mactier

Summary: This BAPM working group was conceived to produce a framework for practice on the provision of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)
to advise practising neonatologists, UK commissioners and neonatal networks.

There is currently much variation in the provision of PN with regard to its use and availability, as well as its constituents. PN is expensive but is frequently the only way of providing optimal nutrition to the most vulnerable babies, particularly in the early days and weeks of life. Provision of PN must take into account its nutritional content and also consider cost-effectiveness and safety.


updated: 09 April 2015